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Lindy 40799 cable tie Black, Brown, White


Lindy 40799, Black, Brown, White

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Tidy up your desktop in seconds!
Sick of endlessly searching under or behind your desk to try and find your USB cable to connect to your phone, camera or MP3 player?

Simply attach the Cable Grip to your desk (horizontally or vertically), then push the your cable in to the Cable Grip and never again will your cable fall from sight. This six pack contains white, black and brown Cable Grips, making them suitable for both home and office use.

- Pack of 6 flexible cable grips
- Ideal for use with peripheral cables from your camera, printer, monitor, power adapters etc.
- Colours: white, black and brown (each pack contains 2 of each)
- Strong, adhesive base sticks securely to almost any work surface


Product colour Black, Brown, White
EAN 4002888407991