ITS supply a complete range of IT products, from laptop computers, printers and consumables for home users to network equipment, routers and servers to small, medium and large business. The items we supply are backed with a minimum 1-year return to ITS warranty for home users and our business range with minimum 1 year on-site business warranty to keep you running.

For Home Users

We provide a wide range of solutions to the common problems faced by the home computer user, including the removal of malware and viruses, speed up of slow running systems, upgrade of older equipment and even on-site home visits.

Slow Computer ImagesComputer Problems?

Whether your computer is infected with spyware or running slow and in need of a tune-up, ITS offer a range of fixed labour price repair and upgrade options starting from only £14.95 including VAT.

Simply bring your computer along to our workshop at 8 North Road in Lerwick and our engineers will find the solution to your problems. See below for a list of common problems.

System Running Slow

One of our most popular requests is the speed up of old computers. Many people still think that there is nothing that can be done with a slow system or laptop and are amazed at the difference a tune-up and/or upgrade can make to a system that they had previously condemned as in need of replacement.

It is not unusual for a system taking 15 minutes to start up when it arrives at our workshop to leave starting up in a few minutes and running as good as new (without losing all your documents and photos!)

Popups, Spyware, Viruses

A very high percentage of systems we look at are infested with malware and viruses. Often people don’t realise until they start getting continuous popups or the system gradually starts running slower and slower. Our engineers can deal with these problems for you and leave your system running popup free.


With our fixed price labour charge starting at £14.95 including VAT for small upgrades, getting more memory or a new DVD drive fitted need not cost the earth.

Broadband and Internet Problems

No internet access? We can check out your router and computer to make sure your problems are not related to your system and if so rectify the problem for you. If your system is ok, we can make an on-site visit to track down the cause of the problem and if need be deal with the call centres on your behalf.

On-site Visits

For some problems or even if you just prefer, we can visit you at your home on an hourly rate basis. For certain problems (e.g. broadband/internet problems) this may be required to track down the cause of the problem, or it may just be that you prefer not to be without your system for a day or two!

For Local Business Users

Since 1994, ITS has been providing IT repair, support and services to both the Shetland business & home community and services to UK mainland based companies requiring an on-site presence in the isles.

Hundreds of local companies choose ITS as their preferred IT support and supply partner. For business customers, having trustworthy, confidential, fast and knowledgeable IT support is an essential part of doing business. We are here to ensure that system and equipment failure have a minimal impact on the ability of your business to operate.Work

Looking to improve your IT support?

Whilst a large business may have their own IT engineer or department, as a small/medium business, your computer systems are no less important. Most business users are highly reliant on computer equipment and need reliability and a fast, local backup service.

ITS has been providing IT products and services to local business customers since 1994. We have been helping all sizes of business with their IT needs and support, from the single PC home office to the biggest private companies with 30+ systems, we know how you operate and offer the professional, fast service your business needs, at a price you can afford.

Please see below for details of some of the products services we provide, but for more information feel free to contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400 to discuss your requirements.

Repair and Maintenance

ITS provides a quick, efficient repair solution for hundred’s of local companies. From repairing workstations and servers to network equipment and printers, we have the skills to keep you running.

We have an extensive stock of spare parts covering almost all desktop PC’s in use today and a wide range of parts and spares for most laptop systems. Our software experience includes all current and past Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as Microsoft Office applications and Sage Accounts software.

Business Computer Systems & Installation

Business computer systems and laptops are often a very different animal than the typical home PC. Whilst a home PC may need good graphics cards and the latest operating system, the job of a business PC is to provide you with a stable platform to run your Sage accounts software, Word, Excel and Outlook. For business use, we recommend Dell, Acer and HP business desktops with XP Professional. These systems give you the optimum balance between price and quality, allowing you to get on with your work with the minimum of problems.

Our business systems are also backed up by our own, local ITS on-site business warranty, ensuring that if failures do occur, the impact on your operations are minimised.

Business Servers and Network Solutions

At ITS, we have the experience to supply, install, configure and maintain your companies server(s). With some of the most experienced engineers commercially available in Shetland, we can support your Microsoft Windows Server/Small Business Server-based equipment. Our engineers have the experience of looking after everything from single Small Business Server’s to multi-server based solutions.

Printers and Peripherals

We can maintain and supply most brands of business laser printer in use today – from small mono lasers and inkjet to colour laser and even large format plotters.

Data/Voice Cabling

Whether simply connecting two systems together, inter-building fibre installations to the complete supply and installation of structured cabling and equipment (cabinets, patch panels, etc) contact ITS to discuss your requirements.

Internet & Email

The internet is now an essential business tool, but getting online isn’t always an easy process. What ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be used? How do we get our own “” domain? What equipment do we need (if any)? How do we prevent hackers or viruses from viewing or damaging our data? Let our knowledgeable staff help you take your business online, securely and safely, making the most of the internet.


You have enough to deal with in your daily work without having to deal with the unknown and become an IT consultant as well! When it comes to researching, recommending, evaluating or implementing IT technology, you need a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable partner such as ITS.

For Service Companies

Although for most corporate users IT support is provided remotely, there is still the requirement for an on-site presence (often at short notice) in case of hardware failure or IMAC’s. We provide many of the largest IT service companies in the UK and a number of public organisations with on-site engineers at a fraction of the cost of flights & accommodation of flying an engineer up, but whilst still maintaining the level of service your clients require.

ITS Support

IT Service Companies

For most UK IT service providers, on-site support in Shetland often is an unavoidable part of a national/international contract.

Sending an engineer to Shetland is not only expensive but can also put an engineer out of action for a great deal of time. A 30-minute on-site call can put an engineer out of action for 2 days, cost £500+ in last minute return flight costs and still leave you far outside your SLA response time. Hardly an ideal situation.

Please see below for details of some of the products services we provide, but for more information feel free to contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400 to discuss your requirements

We can remove this burden from you, providing engineers on-site to supply services such as equipment swap outs, workstation and server rebuilds, IMAC’s, etc. We represent you in a professional, courtious and confidential manner. With ITS, you not only have a partner that can follow procedures, but one with the technical skills to (if you require) troubleshoot systems/network/server issues, etc.

Our clients are some of the largest service companies in the UK and we provide on-site engineers to everything from high street Banks to the largest government bodies.

We have a strong reputation locally for providing a professional service and you can be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that outsourcing to ITS is nothing but a great positive step forward.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400.

IT Departments

If you represent the IT department of a national company with a branch in Shetland, you will know that whilst most support can be provided remotely, there are times when you require a skilled on-site engineer to help troubleshoot a problem or replace equipment.

Whether you require an engineer to swap out or rebuild a system or require urgent assistance troubleshooting a network or server issue, we have the skills to help you and do so.

We are a trusted partner, providing skilled on-site engineers for everything from single person branch offices to the largest factories in Shetland.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400.