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Juice 18W Dual USB-A USB-C Port Charger Plug – White


Juice 18W Dual Port USB-A and USB-C Super Charge Plug 3.6A White JUI-MAINS-PD-PLUG-3.6A-WHT

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Introducing the 18W Dual Port Super Charge Plug from Juice.

Keep your mobile devices refreshed and ready to go. Plug the Juice® charger into a wall socket and use your existing USB-C cable with your device to activate faster charging. Alternatively, you can use your existing USB-A cable to charge by plugging the USB end into the USB port on the Juice® mains charger.

Not only does this charger sport all the features of a power delivery charger (providing your device with the optimum charge), it also has the ability to charge 2 devices at the same time including your Tablet and Smartphone!

The charger plug also features Sure Grip Technology, no need to fight with the plug socket to remove your fast charger.


Dual Port: USB-A and USB-C Ports
Charge Two Devices at Once
Supports Power Delivery
Over current, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection.
One Year Warranty


Input: 100-240V AC 0.5A ~ 50-60Hz
Dual Port Output: 5VDC 3.6A 18W Max
Single Port Output: 3.6~6V DC/3A, 6~9V DC/2A, 9~12V DC/1.5A
18W Max Output

Dimensions W x D x H (cm):

5.2 x 5.2 x 6


Manufacturer Part No JUI-MAINS-PD-PLUG-3.6A-WHT
EAN 5060579594039