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For most UK IT service providers, on-site support in Shetland often is an unavoidable part of a national/international contract.

Sending an engineer to Shetland is not only expensive, but can also put an engineer out of action for a great deal of time. A 30 minute on-site call can put an engineer out of action for 2 days, cost £500+ in last minute return flight costs and still leave you far outside your SLA response time.

Hardly an ideal situation.

We can remove this burden from you, providing engineers on-site to supply services such as equipment swap outs, workstation and server rebuilds, IMAC's, etc. We represent you in a professional, courtious and confidential manner. With ITS, you not only have a partner that can follow procedures, but one with the technical skills to (if you require) troubleshoot systems/network/server issues, etc.

Our clients are some of the largest service companies in the UK and we provide on-site engineers to everthing from high street Banks to the largest government bodies.

We have a strong reputation locally for providing a professional service and you can be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that outsourcing to ITS is nothing but a greatly positive step forward.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400.

IT Departments

If you represent the IT department of a national company with a branch in Shetland, you will know that whilst most support can be provided remotely, there are times when you require a skilled on-site engineer to help troubleshoot a problem or replace equipment.

Wheither you require an engineer to swap out or rebuild a system or require urgent assistance troubleshooting a network or server issue, we have the skills to help you and do so.

We are a trusted partner, providing skilled on-site engineers for everthing from single person branch offices to the largest factories in Shetland.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Roland Hawkins on 01595 741 400.

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