Shetland computer repair services for home users

ITS IT Help & ServiceComputer Problems?

Wheither your computer is infected with spyware or running slow and in need of a tune up, ITS offer a range of fixed labour price repair and upgrade options starting from only £14.95 including VAT

Simply bring your computer along to our workshop at Gremista Industrial Estate in Lerwick and our engineers will find the solution to your problems.  See below for a list of common problems.


System Running Slow

One of our most popular requests is the speed up of old computers.  Many people still think that there is nothing that can be done with a slow system or laptop and are amazed at the difference a tune up and/or upgrade can make to a system that they had previously condemed as in need of replacement.

It is not unusual for a system taking 15 minutes to start up when it arrives at our workshop to leave starting up in a few minutes and running as good as new (without loosing all your documents and photos!)

Popups, Spyware, Viruses

A very high percentage of systems we look at are infested with malware and viruses. Often people don't realise until they start getting continuous popups or the system gradually starts running slower and slower.

Our engineers can deal with these problems for you and leave your system running popup free.


With our fixed price labour charge starting at £14.95 including VAT for small upgrades, getting more memory or a new DVD drive fitted need not cost the earth.

Broadband and Internet Problems

No internet access? We can check out your router and computer to make sure your problems are not related to your system and if so rectify the problem for you. If you system is ok, we can make an on-site visit to track down the cause of the problem and if need be deal with the call centres on your behalf

On-site Visits

For some problems or even if you just prefer, we can visit you at your home on an hourly rate basis. For certain problems (e.g. broadband/internet problems) this may be required to track down the cause of the problem, or it may just be that you prefer not to be without your system for a day or two!

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Further information

If you are bringing your computer in to us for repair, we will usually require the following (though if you wish, call first on 01595 741 400 as in some instances we may require additional items):

For desktops: We require the base unit (no cables), however if you are having internet problems we may also need your router (call us first to find out). If you have a startup password set, we will require this.

For laptops: We will require the laptop and charger (we may be unable to proceed without this). If you have a startup password set, we will require this.

For printers, scanners, etc Please bring all cables with you (we will give them back if we don't need them).

Repair Cost: We operate fixed labour costs for most repairs. The cost of any parts will obviously be extra. Please see our home user terms & conditions for full details.

Repair Time: Our average repair time is 2 - 3 days, however in some instanced it may be less or longer than this. If you would like your system back the same day you bring it in (e.g. if travelling from the isles), please give us a minimum 4 days notice and book a same day appointment with us.