Computer cables and connectors

Usb CableThe day of completely wireless computer systems are still as much a pipedream as they were 20 years ago, luckily at ITS you need not be stuck for a new or replacement cable for your computer system or peripheral.

We stock the widest range of computer related cables in Shetland including:

  • USB Cables (connect your printer or digital camera)
  • VGA Cables (connect your TV to your laptop or computer)
  • HDMI Cables
  • Ethernet (Network) Cables to connect up your router
  • Phone and Router Cables
  • Power cables
  •  + countless more

Custom Cables

Need a longer cable to go from the phone socket to your router, or perhaps a extra long ethernet cable to connect up your bairn's new Playstation at ITS we can make up RJ11 and network cables to practically any length you need.

Options - Cables and Connectors
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